Joanna Newsom litter

This is our 10th litter! The theme is Joanna Newsom, an artist who writes the most genius, poetric lyrics. A part of our kennel name is based on one of her songs. 

Number of puppies: 4 (3 males, 1 female)

Date of birth: 5th of Nov 2022

Ching (Floki) x Vivid Dancer of Vorkosmia (Niffy)

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6th generation: 0,61%

10th generation: 6,73%

Floki: PL0/0. Eyes: Clear.

Niffy: PL0/0. Eyes: PPM iris.

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'Otto' ♂

" Have One on Me'  is the title of a track of Joanna Newsom. In this son she mentions the King of Bavaria. Otto was the King of Bavaria from 1886 to 1913.

Even though this boy was stillborn, we still wanted to give him a name. 

Have One on Me of Vorkosmia

Born: 15:05h

Weight at birth: 74gr.

This puppy was stillborn. 

'Pelle' ♂

"Blameless Flames" is from the lyrics of Joanna Newsom's almost 17 minute long track "Only Skin".
"Pelle" is the Italian word for skin, which I think sounded like a nice name. It also means clown in Finnish.

Blameless Flames of Vorkosmia

Born: 15:41h

Weight at birth: 134gr.

Pelle now lives in Sweden at his " brother from another mother" Truls.

'Sprout' ♀

"Seamless Dreams" comes from her song Sprout & the Bean.
So obviously her name has to be Sprout because it's so cuuuuute.

Seamless Dreams of Vorkosmia

Born: 15:50h

Weight at birth: 158gr.

Sprout is now Ginny and stayed in the Netherlands.

'Fyrsil' ♂

"Insatiable Shadow" is from the lyrics of "Monkey & Bear", so of course I had to pick a name that has a connection with bears.
The name Fyrsil is bear-man in Welsh.

Insatiable Shadow of Vorkosmia

Born: 15:54h

Weight at birth: 130gr.

Fyrsil now lives on the Falkland Islands together with Lara, Vann and their son Nils.