In loving memory

In loving memory

Gone, but never forgotten


Stuffed into a Teapot of Vorkosmia

28.08.2012 - 22.11.2012

This lovely little Lundehund girl was from our very first litter. We kept her for further breeding, showing and sports. When she was 11 weeks she got pneumonia, because she almost choked in something coming from the garden. There was an infection that made holes in her lungs. Because of these holes, her lungs collapsed several times, she couldn't be saved. At 12 weeks and 2 days she died.

We will never forget our little butterfly!

"And I miss your precious heart."

(Joanna Newsom - Cosmia)


Rockdancers Brita Breezeblock

27.12.2012 - 06.05.2021

I never expected to have to write about Noomi her good bye in 2021..

We imported Noomi from the USA. She was a delight, always happy, she'd go through fire for me and I would for her.

We lost her in a horrible way, it hurts so much. She was too weak for her spaying/mammary removal surgery on the 5th of May. She survived the surgery, but when she came home, she just didn't recover. She was too tired. Early in the morning around 05:25h on the 6th of May, she passed away in my arms. On our way to the vet, I was in the backseat performing CPR, I knew it was too late, but I didn't want to give up. When we arrived at the vet, she couldn't be saved. 

It was so unexpected, surgery always has a risk of course, but we (vet included) didn't expect her to go like this. She was only 8 years, I wish we could turn back time, for one last hug.

My baby, my shadow, my soulmate, my therapy dog, my everything. I miss you, you'll be in my heart forever. I miss you so much.

"Please don't go, I love you so."

(Alt-J - Breezeblocks)



Lundeklippe Svarri

09.11.2009 - 07.12.2023

Svarri was our first Lundehund, the one who started it all and she was one of the two foundation bitches of our kennel.

Svarri had mammary tumors in 2020 and all her mammary glands were removed. She was a fighter, the surgeries were hard, but she recovered like a champ.
Two days before her death, we found out she had stomach cancer. It was bad, very bad. We got some meds from the vet, but we couldn't add it to her food, because she barely ate. She hated it if we forced the meds on her. but we still tried. When she didn't want to eat at all, even when she had her meds, we decided it was okay. She was done, we didn't want to force meds on her just to prolong her life for a couple of weeks. No one would benefit from that and it would've been selfish. So we decided to say good bye to her.

She was wrapped up in my jacket when she got her first injection. She never was a cuddly dog, but she was calm, she was done. When she got the final injection, she was gone very quickly. 

Svarri was a strong lady. Her last show was in October 2023 and the judge of that day was amazed by her condition. She was beautiful until the end, a graceful way to get older.

That's what she was, graceful.

I'll miss the constant touch of her nose in my knee pit during walks. I miss her annoying barks when I just sat down on the couch and she wanted attention. I miss her smelly feet.

"From the top of the flightOf the wide, white stairsThrough the rest of my lifeDo you wait for me there?"

(Joanna Newsom - Sawdust and Diamonds)



12.03.2009 - 22.04.2024

It was time.. Twirre was done.
He was our first dog, one of the OG's, our legend, our little whirlwind. 

I was 22 years when Twirre arrived in my life, he taught me so much about dogs. Our stinky mascot is gone now and I'm not sure who's going to be the pups' sweet and patient uncle now.

He was almost completely blind, almost completely deaf and suffered from dementia. His hind legs became weaker in the end too. Even though he could probably continue living like this for who knows how long, it wasn't fair to him. He was restless very often, he needed to touch a person, otherwise he felt alone. He was a tough little dog, quick as water, didn't have a bad bone in his body. Boston Terriers are amazing dogs and it will forever be one of my favorite breeds, thanks to Twirre.

We said goodbye to him at home, because he hated being in a car. We didn't want his last moments to be nervous. He was fighting it, he was stubborn all his life, up until the end. Just like we knew him. Tears are flowing, but it's okay...

He chased the wind with boundless grace,
A little whirlwind, no time to waste.
In twilight years, he fought the night,
A beacon dimmed, yet spirit bright.

Twirre taught me love unbound,
In every bark, a lesson found.
His paws now rest, his journey done,
Our hearts heavy, yet filled with sun.

The pups will search for him in vain,
Their playful uncle, free from pain.
His memory, a gentle breeze,
That whispers through the rustling trees.

Goodbye, dear friend, your legend lives,
In every Boston heart that gives.
A stinky mascot, sweet and kind,
Your spirit echoes, unconfined.