Ice litter

'Flake' ♀

Flake it til you Make it of Vorkosmia

Born: 10:00h

Weight at birth: 74gr.

Flake passed away on the 11th of November around 07:00h.

'Nilas' ♂

Best in Snow of Vorkosmia

Born: 12:34h

Weight at birth: 182gr.

Nilas is now called Lempo and lives in Finland.

'Ike' ♂

I want to Ride my Icicle of Vorkosmia

Born: 13:03h

Weight at birth: 158gr.

Ike now lives in Germany.

'Zima' ♀

Frost in Translation of Vorkosmia

Born: 16:37h

Weight at birth: 184gr.

Zima is now called Foske and will be part of our breeding program.

'Ysotte' ♀

Strike a Froze of Vorkosmia

Born: 20:19h

Weight at birth: 174gr.

Ysotte's name is now Ieke and she lives together with her bigger sister Sola in The Netherlands.