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Cocktails litter

'Idris' ♀

Bay Breeze of Vorkosmia

Born: 18:45h

Weight at birth: 192gr.

Idris lives in Sweden.

'Kai' ♂

Viking Blood of Vorkosmia

Born: 19:15h

Weight at birth: 184gr.

Kai will be co-owned with a dutch family.

He was BIS9 at an FCI group 5 show. And BIG3 at an international show.

'Siren' ♀

Poet's Dream of Vorkosmia

Born: 19:34h

Weight at birth: 188gr.

Siren will be called Senja and lives in the Netherlands.

She does very well on dog shows, she was BIS at an unofficial show and BIG1 & BIG3 at an International show.