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Kennel of Vorkosmia

Jessica de Jong

Noardburgum, The Netherlands


We stopped working with a waiting list. We just can't keep up with all the emails. We also want to have the possibility to keep any pup from any litter ourselves, without having to disappoint people on a waiting list.

At the age of 7wks all pups will be evaluated (conformation & personality).
After that we will post the available pups on our Facebook page ( At that time, our mail box will be open for inquiries for about a week. If you want a pup, please properly introduce yourself and tell us what your pup's life will look like. From all inquiries, we will decide who has the most suitable home for which pup.

We understand it's hard for people to understand this system, but this works best for us, this way we have more time for our dogs. If you don't agree with this, we're not the right breeder for your future dog. You're free to choose whatever breeder fits your needs.

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