Don't Lose Fokiss of Vorkosmia

DOB: 25/06/2023

Bred by us.

Her daily name is Uni.

Uni broke her femoral bone when she was 4 months old, a few days before she was supposed to move to her new owner in the USA. Her new owner even was in The Netherlands already when she broke her leg. Her first surgery didn't go well, the pins they put in her bones started migrating and almost reached one of Uni's nerves 4 days after surgery. An emergency surgery was done and the only option was to remove her femoral head. Her muscles will hold her femur in place and her body will be starting to make scar tissue between the femur and the acetabulum. This will be a 'false joint', and it should give her a pain-free life.

As you can see on the pic below, there is a difference in leg length and that's why we decided she won't be going to the USA anymore. The new owner wanted to do sports and shows, but that's not possible with Uni sadly.

She will be enjoying her life with us, and hopefully in the future she'll have puppies. We might enter her to a show one day for funsies.

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Too young


Not tested yet. She will be tested for PL and eyes before she's having a litter.


She won't be entered to shows because she had femoral head ostectomy.