07-12: We said goodbye to Svarri today. She had stomach cancer.

29-09: Uni broke her leg due to an unfortunate event.

07-07: Niffy was diagnosed with AIHA today. She will be retired from breeding, but hopefully she'll still be able to go to some shows, as she enjoys it a lot. For now her recovery is more important.

25-06: Today we welcomed 4 pups! For more information about this litter, click here.


05-11: Niffy gave birth to 4 pups today. Sadly the first puppy was stillborn. Go to this page for more info. No pups available at the moment.

24-08: Niffy is in heat. We're very excited about our planned litter. We're not accepting any applications yet!


11-11: We welcomed our Ice litter yesterday. We had 3 girls and 2 boys, but sadly one of the girls was too small, she passed away this morning.

06-05: We had to say good bye to Noomi today. Our hearts are broken.


28-05: Niffy gave birth to 1 boy and 1 girl. They're all doing great, even though they're smaller than our other pups. No pups available.

25-02: Hazel gave birth to 3 girls and 1 boy. We don't have pups available.

29-01: Hazel is pregnant! We're expecting the litter in week 9.


13-10: Today we had the Dutch Specialty Show. Niffy was BOB (out of 8 females!) en Kai was BOS. Together they entered brace class and they became Best Brace in Show!

24-07: This morning Noomi gave birth to 2 pups, a male and a female. You can read more about them here.

24-06: We had an ultrasound with Noomi and she is pregnant! We're expecting the litter to be born in week 30.

11-02: A few days ago I arrived in New York City, to drop off puppy Volt (of our Energy-litter) and to show a granddaughter of Svarri at the Westminster Show! We had a blast, Pikku became Best of Breed! It was a very exhausting trip, but it was a dream come to, an adventure I'll always remember.


15-12: Wow, wow, wow! We had such a great day at the biggest annual show of the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Winner Show. Kai became BOB, Niffy got 2VP and her sister Kensi got 1VP. We also entered for the breeder groups, which was judged by Norwegian judge Mr. Leif Ragnar Hjorth. He was so impressed by the high quality, that he placed us 1st BEST IN SHOW breeders group! This is the first time in history world wide that a group of Lundehunds is placed first at an all-breed CACIB show. I'm proud, super proud!

23-11: Hazel gave birth to two puppies! Meet our E-litter!

14-10: Today we were at the Dutch Specialty and we had a blast! I entered Kai, Niffy and Svarri. Kai became BOB with 1Exc + CAC. Niffy became best puppy with 1VP and Svarri became best veteran with 1Exc. We also entered Kai + Niffy together in brace class, which means we had to go to the main ring 4 times! First time was brace, they did actually quite nice for a first time, but we weren't selected. After that main ring judging for Best Baby and Best Puppy started, Niffy won Best Baby/Puppy in Show! After that we had to wait for Best Veteran judging, Svarri wasn't selected. And then the biggest thing: The Best in Show. My lovely home bred boy won BEST IN SHOW! Needless to say that I'm extremely proud of this accomplishment. He keeps amazing me. This will be one of his last shows though, it's now time for Niffy to continue promoting the breed.

29-09: Today I went to the Dog Show Maastricht with Kai & Niffy. Kai became BOB with 1Exc, CAC + CACIB, Niffy became Best Baby with a very very promising. No love for us in the main ring this time, but both behaved so well in the ring!

23-09: Today at the Keesachtigen en Poolhonden Show we had lots of success:

Vivid Dancer of Vorkosmia 'Niffy' got 1VP and was best baby. We got a beautiful baby pink + baby blue rosette and it's so darn cute! Her sister became second in baby class, also with a VP. Our showboy Viking Blood of Vorkosmia "Kai" got 1Exc, CAC + Best Male & BOS. His sister was BOB. It was a fun day and I'm so thankful for the judges who appreciate the dogs I've bred. After the show, when I came home, Kai mated Hazel! So hopefully we'll have a litter in November!

12-08: We went to the 3 shows during the World Dog Show weekend, Kai got 1Exc on all days and on 2 of the days he got resCACIB. He was such a good boy, so proud of him!

27-06: We decided to keep a girl from our Dragonflies litter. This wasn't planned at all, but sometimes you have to follow your heart. "Welcome" Vivid Dancer of Vorkosmia!

24-06: Today at the IDS Hanzeshow, Kai was BOB with 1Exc, CAC + CACIB. And, on top of that, he was placed 3rd in group!! Breed judge was Thomas Rohlin (DK), group judge was Svein Barne Helgesen (NO).

10-05: Noomi gave birth to 3 puppies on the 5th of May. We got 1 male and 2 females. They're all doing great. All puppies are spoken for,

15-04: Today at the IDS De Utrecht, Kai was BOS with 1Exc, CAC + CACIB. His sisters Senja was BOB, but that's not all, she also was 1st BEST IN GROUP! I'm a VERY proud breeder, the C-litter was such a succesful litter, and I'm sure there's more to come! Senja is owned by Arjen Davidse.

05-04: We went to the vet for an ultrasound and we saw little puppies in Noomi her tummy! The puppies will be born between the 6th and the 9th of May.

09-03: Mating has taken place between Noomi & Frontpage Frey.

03 & 04-03: Wow, we just had 2 amazing shows! On the first day of the IDS Martinidogshow Groningen, Viking Blood of Vorkosmia "Kai" was Best Male, Best of Breed, CAC + CACIB, judged by Mona Selbach (Norway). In group judging he was selected with best 6! He wasn't placed, but it was a very special moment for us, we never achieved that! Group judge was Eva Liljekvist Borg (Sweden).

On the second day of the IDS Martinidogshow Groningen, we got the same results: Viking Blood of Vorkosmia "Kai" was Best Male, Best of Breed, CAC + CACIB, judged by Leon Scholten (The Netherlands). In group judging he was selected with best 6 and was placed 3rd BEST IN GROUP! Apparently he made a good impression, the group judge said the breed usually doesn't get placed often, but Kai was very pretty & showy. Kai was very tired, but he showed his socks off! Group judge was Mona Selbach, the same judge that judged the breed the day before.


27-09: The 24th of September we went to the Scandia Specialty. WE had a very succesful day, Kai became 2nd Best Male, Svarri was  Best Female and BOS, our youngest girl Hazel was 3rd best bitch. They were all first in their class.

But, the best part of the day was the brace judging. Svarri & Kai were BEST BRACE IN SHOW!

11-09: And again the girls aren't pregnant.. We will now change or plans completely, we will keep you posted when we've met new males.

16-08: Sometimes plans are there to change. I am very happy to announce that both Noomi and Hazel mated with Firehillborder Avalon Norsk "Finn". We planned to use another male for Noomi, but sadly that didn't work this time. Finn is a lovely male with a great character. He will be 6 years old in November and doesn't have any puppies yet. We will do an ultrasound in the second week of September.

03-08: Kai his eyes are checked by an eye specialist and his eyes are free of genetic diseases.

31-07: Found out Noomi and Hazel are in heat. Also this time it's a bit earlier than expected. We're hoping this time they will get pregnant.

30-07: Today we went to the IDS in Rotterdam (NL). I only entered Kai, we had trained a lot to get him to behave on the table again, and he behaved great! The judge made Kai Best of breed, earning a CAC, CACIB & a new title: Benelux Winner NL'17! He now also has enough points for his Dutch championship title.

15-04: Today at the International Dog Show in Goes (NL), Poet's Dream of Vorkosmia "Senja", owned and showed by Arjen Davidse, became BOB. In the group she was selected and she was placed on the 3rd PLACE IN GROUP! Breed and group judge was Jos Dekker. I'm a super proud breeder!

27-02: Sadly both girls aren't pregnant. We'll try again next heat.

01-02: The girls came in heat a bit earlier than expected. Luckily both stud owners were very flexible, so it was no problem. We're hoping to welcome 2 litters at the end of March. At the end of February we'll do an ultrasound to see if the ladies are really pregnant!


11-12: What a nice last show of this year! Kai became Best of Breed at the Amsterdam Winner 2016, adding 2 new titles to his name! The groupjudge (Ms. A. Indergaard from Norway) said she liked him very much. Sadly Kai didn't behave on the table, we REALLY need to train a bit more for that!

09-10: At the Scandia Clubmatch today we had a very friendly judge. Last week Kai had a bad experience with the table, and this judge really tried to make him feel comfortable again. Thanks to her patience, Kai became best male with an 1exc. Hazel got a 1VG, because she didn't show the typical movement. Senja (Poet's Dream of Vorkosmia) got 1Exc, BOB and BEST IN SHOW!! So proud..

01-10: Kai got a 1VG at the IJsselshow in Zwolle. Kai had a bad experience so he didn't want to be touched. The judge really liked him, but she gave an 1VG because of his behavior. Now we have to train a lot to make him more confident again on the table..

18-09: Kai got 1exc, BOB & 9BIS at the Keesachtigen & Poolhonden Dogshow in Zutphen (The Netherlands) at the ago of only 9 months and 2 days!!

27-08: Noomi & her son Kai were entered at the European Dog Show 2016 in Brussels and they both did great! Noomi was best bitch and Kai was best puppy! Noomi got 3 new titles now.

10-04: Hazel got 1Exc, BOB + CAC in junior class at IDS 'De Utrecht'.

06-03: Hazel got a 1VG in Junior Class at the 'Martinidogshow' in Groningen. She showed like a pro!

11-02: We decided to keep the boy from our C-litter. 'Kai' will hopefully be used as stud and we have some shows planned with him.


17-12: Yesterday Noomi gave birth to 3 puppies, 1 boy and 2 girls. They're doing great.

18-11: 4 weeks ago Noomi and Fjelljo had a nice adventure together. We didn't do an ultrasound, because it's clear Noomi is pregnant! She's due mid December.

4-10: Today at the international Hanzeshow Hazel became BOB puppy. She showed very well, I'm so proud of my little munchkin.

20-09: Today was the Dutch Specialty. Noomi became BOS, 1Exc got a CAC, making her Dutch Champion! Svarri became 2nd Best Bitch, 1Exc gaining a resCAC. Hazel got 1VP, 2nd best Puppy in Show. Noomi her future lover "Fjelljo" got 1Exc, CAC and became BOB and BIS3!! An excellent job for his first show ever!

10-07: Svarri gave birth to 4 puppies (1 boy, 3 girls). They all have very healthy weights and they're doing great!

25-06: 2 days ago I flew to Sweden to pick up our new girl. You can find her own page here.

09-06: Today Svarri and I went to the vet for an ultrasound, and she is PREGNANT! We could see at least 4 puppies. The puppies will be born mid-July.

13-05: Svarri and Mads have mated on the 12th and 13th of May. If all goes well, the puppies will be born mid-July.

28-03: Great news! Svarri became grandmother on the 3rd of March of 2 beautiful little Finnish girls. One of these girls will come and live with us! Due to new import rules, she has to be at least 15 weeks before she can come in our country.

28-02: Whoop whoop. Today Noomi got BOB, CAC & CACIB at the Martinidogshow in Groningen (NL), this show also was one of the three Benelux Winner shows, so she got her second Dutch Benelux Winner title in a row!

05-01: Happy New Year! This year we hope to have 2 Lundehund litters.

Svarri x Mads: July/August 2015 (6th generation: 0,513%. 10th generation: 7,52%)

Noomi x Elliot: End of 2015 (6th generation: 0,0%. 10th generation: 6,8%)


11-10: Noomi her eyes are checked by an eye specialist and her eyes are free of genetic diseases.

14-09: Yippyyyy! At the Keesachtigen- en Poolhondenshow (a show for a big part of FCI group 5) Noomi became BOB again, gaining another CAC. She now has a total of  8 CAC's.

06-09: Noomi did it again at the Rotterdam Dogshow: BOB, CAC + CACIB + Benelux Winner NL 2014!

31-08: Sadly Svarri isn't pregnant. Noomi will be the next we plan a litter with. I'm looking for a family living in the Netherlands to co-own a male puppy out of that combination with.

04-08: New puppy plans! We're hoping there will be a new 'of Vorkosmia'-litter in October. COI of this litter will be 0,513% in 6th generation and only 7,52% in the 10th generation. Click here to see the pedigree on PawPeds.

22-07: For the results of the Specialty show in Morokulien, visit the pages of Svarri and Noomi. On the picture you can see daughter Mad as a Hatter of Vorkosmia, mother Lundeklippe Svarri & daughter Futterwacking Alice of Vorkosmia.

11-06: I've been working very hard on the Dutch version of the site. There are still some pages that need to be translated.

22-04: Noomi is in heat, exactly when I expected her to be! Although the Dutch Kennel Club allows a first litter at the age of 16 months, I think it's too early for Noomi to have a litter. Her eyes will be tested this Summer. We expect her to be in heat again in December, we will see if she's ready for puppies by then.

01-03: Noomi and I went to the Martinidogshow in Groningen (NL), the judge was Mrs. S. Walsh (Sweden). She was Best of Breed (+CAC). She also got a new title: Groninger Winster.

24-02: Today we went to for an ultrasound, Svarri isn't expecting puppies. We'll try again next heat.

23-01: Today I went to the vet with Noomi to check her knees. She had an excellent result: PL0/0, yay!

21-01: Svarri is in heat! We got a visitor at our house: Stein Lundes Hogni. Hopefully Svarri & Hogni will produce some nice puppies!

08-01: A new year has begun! This year will hopefully bring us our second litter, we're waiting for Svarri to come in heat. We will also attend some shows in The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and maybe Germany.


14-12: Noomi became Best of Breed at the Amsterdam Winner in Amsterdam (NL), the judge was Natalja Skalin-Nekrosiene (Sweden). She got a double CAC and another point for her Junior Championship, which means she now is Dutch Junior Champion!! She also got 2 other new titles: Amsterdam Junior Winster 2013 & Amsterdam Winster 2013.

13-12: Noomi became Best of Breed at the One Day Show in Amsterdam, the judge was Francesco Cochetti (Italia). She got a CAC and a point for her Junior Championship.

13-11: Next year we will go to the annual meeting and Specialty show of the Norsk Lundehund Klubb. This will take place in Morokulien, a place on the border of Norway & Sweden. In the same weekend there will be the Swedish Specialty, also in Morokulien. For us this is a great way to meet other breeders and their dogs. For more information about this event, click here.

6-10: Noomi became Best of Breed at the IJsselshow (NL), the judge was mr. L. Scholten. She got her first CAC and point for her Junior Championship.

22-09: Svarri became Best of Breed at the Dutch Specialty, Ukje became 2nd best bitch and Noomi was Best Puppy in Show!! I'm so proud of these results!

20-09: We are looking for a Dutch family who would be interested in owning a Lundehund male with us. The puppy will live at your home, will be your beloved pet, but we will occasionally use him for showing and breeding.

29-07: Noomi broke her toe! She's still very young, so it will heal quickly.

12-05: When the Norsk Kennel Klubb agrees, the Lundehund will be crossed with one or more breeds, this will be done by the Norsk Lundehund Klubb in coorporation with NordGen. It is not decided yet which countries will participate with this project.

21-03: Svarri her new lover has been chosen!

18-03: Arnaud picked up our newest pack member last week. Her complete pedigree name is RockDancers Brita Breezeblock. In daily life her name is Noomi. She is a very happy, outgoing and brave puppy. She's lovely! We will be updating her own page soon.

19-02: Another VERY exciting news. We'll soon get a new Lundehund packmember. Her name is RockDancers Brita, from Kennel RockDancer, Colorado, USA. We will pick her up in week 10/11. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Kat Rainesalo!

14-02: Because it's Valentine's Day, we got some exciting love news: In a few weeks we will be meeting some studs, to see who will be Svarri her next lover!

08-01: The Dutch Lundetreffen 2013 will be on Saturday the 24th of August in Sevenum (NL).

07-01: This year there will be a great opportunity for the foreign Lundehund owners. On September the 22nd Scandia will organise a Specialty for all Scandinavian spitzbreeds, it's a show with double points. The 28th and 29th of September there will be a Back to Back show (= 2 all breed shows in one weekend!). So it is possible to become dutch champion in one week! I am willing to show a dog/dogs for people, you can e-mail me about that.


04-12: I had to set my mind to something else, so that's why I've made a new website. There may be some incomplete subpages, but I'm working on that. I'm also figuring out how to make a dutch page..

22-11: The girl we kept from our first litter died today. She was way too young. RIP lovely Lytse.

Lundehund Noomi BOB Zwolle IJsselshow
Svarri BOB Specialty 2013 BISS