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This is our first litter. Daddy 'Frey' is born at Kennel Frontpage in Sweden and now lives in Denmark. I met Frey at the World Dog Show 2012 in Austria and fell in love immediately.


Number of puppies: 0 males, 4 females

Date of birth: 28th of August 2012


'Linda' ♀

Cheshire Smile of Vorkosmia


Born: 09:20h

Weight at birth: 192gr.

Linda is still living in The Netherlands and is now called Ukje.



'Freya' ♀

Futterwacking Alice of Vorkosmia


Born: 9:28h

Weight at birth: 204gr.

Freya is now living in Finland



'Mette' ♀

Mad as a Hatter of Vorkosmia


Born: 9:45h

Weight at birth: 164gr.

Mette is now living in Sweden (Kennel Erövrarens)



'Lytse' ♀

Stuffed into a Teapot of Vorkosmia


Born: 10:02h

Weight at birth: 168gr.

Lytse stayed with us.