Planned Litters

Planned litters

Oct/Nov 2022:

Loke x Niffy

We found a young male that appears to be a great match with Niffy. He might be a bit on the larger size, but he has such lovely breed type and he improves Niffy's weaknesses. As he lives in Norway, we're planning to fly to him by plane. We have a busy period around the calculated heat date, so we're hoping this still fits in our schedule. If the timing is bad, we will skip this heat and go to Loke next heat.

COI according to pedigree analysis:
6th generation: 1,07%
10th generation: 6,79%


Truls x Dillie

Truls and Dillie both were born at Vorkosmia. We're very excited to finally combine 2 Vorkosmia-dogs together.

It will be slightly line-bred on Frontpage Frey, who was the dad of our A-litter and D-litter. Although the COI might be a bit too high in 4 generations for some breeders, we prefer to look a bit further than 4 generations. Our goal is to stay under 10% in 10 generations, which is easily achieved with this combination. Both dogs are still quite young at the time we've written this on our website, so it's not set in stone yet. They also both still need to be health tested.

COI according to pedigree analysis:
6th generation: 2,59%
10th generation: 7,64%