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Although we may not always have a puppy available, we are always happy to refer you to other reputable Lundehund breeders who may have puppies available.

What can you expect of us and our puppies?

- We excercise our puppies with 'Early Neurological Stimulation';

- Intensive controlled socialization: Puppy Culture (the puppies will see other places than just our own house and garden);

- The puppies will be weaned on a raw food diet;

- They are microchipped;

- ISAG 2006 DNA profile;

- They have had their vaccination (we prefer titer testing, but this is usually not allowed for export puppies);

- The puppies will be checked for worms and Giardia 1 day before going to their new owners;

- FCI Pedigree of the Dutch Kennelclub (Raad van Beheer);

- Contract, this contract will be discussed together, to make sure both parties understand;

- Puppy packet with a toy, some food, USB-stick with pictures of the first weeks of their life, collar and leash;

- Life time support. You can always ask us for advice about e.g. food, behavior, dog shows and breeding. We also offer holiday care.

- We don't sell a puppy to people who don't live up to our expectations.

We would love to meet the new owners before the puppies are born. For people from other countries this isn't always possible, we understand that. We have no problem exporting a puppy, but we do expect the new owners to pick up the puppy in person.

People who are interested in an 'of Vorkosmia' Lundehund puppy, are welcome to contact us. We prefer new owners who agree with our way of feeding and caring for our dogs.