Some Lundehunds tend to be very sensitive, nervous or shy. We believe that a proper socialization will give the puppies a good start. Some breeders (whatever the breed) don't do any socialization, they think it's enough for the puppies to be in their own house and garden.

A good socialization makes puppies more stable, confident and happy. Of course there's also the danger of over-socialization.

When we go away for socialization (park, school with children, puppy playground, petting zoo, city market, woods), we use a puppy buggy when it's really crowded. This way they can't be kicked by people. When there's no other people or dogs around, they can walk without a leash. After a busy socialization day (= maximum of 2 hours) we always give them at least 2 days to rest.

Our puppy pen is an enrichment area, we put in new items every week, it's a variety of toys and surfaces and other stimuli. We have a balance board, a mirror, a brush, a dancing and singing puppet etc. We encourage the puppies to explore and investigate new items and areas, they can explore it at their own pace, because no puppy is the same.

As the Lundehund easily scared of loud noises, we also have items in the pen that makes a lot of noise, and we regularly put on some YouTube videos with noises of thunder, screaming kids, fireworks etc. This doesn't mean your pup won't be scared of loud noises, as genetics and further life experiences also play a role in that.

Our Frisian litter was the first litter we raised using Puppy Culture, and we'll use that for every litter from now on. To read more about Puppy Culture, click here.

Our Kisses litter was the first litter we also used Early Scent Introduction for, and it was really fun to see they use their noses a lot more than our earlier litter. We will continue using that for our future litters too.